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Jesus was the foster father of Jesus, who accepted God’s invitation to care for Jesus and stand by Mary. His responsibility was great. We too are called to be responsible for all that God has given us.

Opening Activity:

Give various people things to look after whilst you give your talk. What you give them will depend, of course, on the age group. Young children could be given your ‘favourite’ teddy bear, for example, whilst older teenagers could be given your newspaper, a box with an ‘imaginary’ pet gerbil, your sandwich box, your watch, etc. Can they be trusted? Are they responsible? All of us are given different responsibilities. How do we deal with them? Do people trust us? Do we care about our responsibilities? What responsibilities do people have: in school, at home, elsewhere?

St Joseph given a great responsibility to look after Jesus
St Joseph was given a great responsibility—to look after and care for Jesus. Jesus wasn’t his child and there were lots of different reasons why Joseph may not have accepted the responsibility—but he did it all the same. Why? Because he loved God, he trusted him, he obeyed him, he listened to him. He may not have quite understood what was happening but he knew that it was something special and that he was required to be responsible and dependable.

We are called to be responsible, to look after what God has given us
Joseph was just an ordinary carpenter—in the whole scheme of things he didn’t stand out or appear to have any significant gifts or features. But he did a great thing. He stood by Mary and he stood by Jesus and played his part in bringing him up. We too are called to look after the things God has given us. We are called to be responsible, trustworthy, dependable. St Joseph has given us an example of how to do this.
Now, where’s your newspaper and watch?

God our Father,
help us to be responsible with the things we have been given.
Help us to attend to Jesus,
to listen to his voice.
Help us to be responsible and trustworthy;
through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen,

What you may need:
Various items for the pupils to look after

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