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Getting Things Straight

John the Baptist is both colourful and eccentric—his role was to prepare the way for Jesus, to make a straight path for him into our lives. This assembly outline looks at some of the obstacles that get in the way!

Opening Activity: Flat-earthers

If you have one you may want to take with you a globe of the world
Did you know that there are people in the world who still believe the world is flat? They think that the idea that the world is spherical is a conspiracy created by NASA and Governments, and that such things as photographs of the world from outer space are fakes! These people have been nicknamed ‘flat-earthers’ because, despite all the evidence, they still believe the earth is flat!

John the Baptist—the flat-earther—prepared the way for Jesus
John the Baptist could, in many ways, be termed a flat-earther (not because he believed the earth was flat—he probably couldn’t care less, and they certainly didn’t have the technology or science available to prove it one way or the other!) but because he wanted to flatten the earth! Now this may seem a rather ridiculous thing to say. But John the Baptist didn’t literally mean that we should flatten mountains and hills—he was talking symbolically. God was coming and there was to be no obstacle in his way, he wants a straight and direct road into people’s lives.

Making a straight way or a flath path for Jesus into our lives
There are lots of things in our lives that get in the way of God, there are lots of obstacles (things such as…) What John the Baptist came to do was to prepare the way for Jesus, calling people to repentance, to say sorry for those things that have become obstacles to living as God wants us to, to direct our attention towards Jesus—to turn our lives around and clear it of all the things that stand between God and us.

Father, lot’s of things get in the way,
and spoil our friendship with Jesus.
Help us to get rid of the obstacles,
so that Jesus may have a straight road into our lives.

What you may need:
A Globe of the world

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