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Welsh or What?!

St David’s Day on March 1 is a day to celebrate all that it means to be Welsh. Yet, David was far more than a Welshman and he is famous for far more than being Welsh. His ‘fame’ comes from following Jesus!

Opening Activity:

Ask the young people if they can think of any famous Welsh people. For example, actors, comedians, rugby players, singers, pop stars, TV presenters. Some examples are: Catherine Zeta Jones (actress) , Stereophonics (rock band), Ruth Jones (actress), Dylan Thomas (writer), Ieuan Gruffydd (actor), Tom Jones, Shirley Bassey, Duffy (singers), Gethin Jones (TV presenter), David Davies (swimmer), Shane Williams (rugby player), Ryan Giggs (footballer) Charlotte Church, (singer/TV presenter), Huw Edwards (Newsreader), etc. Yes, there are lots of famous welsh people!

St David is a famous Welshman!
St David is a famous Welshman—he is the patron saint of Wales, and St David’s Day has become a national celebration of welsh life, culture and identity. But David is really famous not for being Welsh but for living the kind of life that God wanted him to live! He lived a very simple yet rigorous life, and became a great example to all who wanted to follow Jesus.

David leaves Christ’s mark on the nation of Wales
By living as he lived and doing what he did, he has left his mark on this country. There are streets, shopping centres, organisations and hotels named after him—and, of course, the place where he lived—St David’s! If we live the kind of life that God wants us to live...then we will leave our mark, or rather the mark of Christ, on the places we visit and the people we meet. It won’t always be easy—in fact there will be times when it will be very difficult—but St David has shown us what is really important—to follow Jesus and to live the kind of life he wants us to live. We may not become famous for it—but it is the best kind of life we can live!

Do people want to be famous just for the sake of being famous?
If so, why?
Do people want to famous for something in particular?
What does it mean to be Welsh?
Is being Welsh more important than being Christian?
What are we celebrating on St David’s Day? Being Welsh or being a Christian?

we praise you for all you have done through St David.
May we follow his example
and help to bring the good news of Jesus’ love to others.
We make our prayer through Jesus the Lord. Amen.

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