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It's all in the Name!

On November 8th we celebrate all the Saints of Wales: and there are many of them! This Assembly helps us to see the influence of the Welsh Saints in the places around us and also challenges us to be Saints of Wales!

Opening Activity

Ask the pupils the following question:
What has Barry Island got in common with San Francisco, Merthyr Tydfil with San Diego, Llantwit Major with Santa Barbara? Be prepared for all kinds of answers or even for them giving you’re the correct answer straight away!

The Saints have left their mark
The answer: they are all places named after saints. But the big difference is that Barry Island and Merthyr Tydfil and Llantwit Major are all named after the saints who lived there and in some cases died there. There are loads of places throughout Wales named after the saints who lived there and who influenced the people and left a mark. Places like St David’s, Llandeilo, Llantrisant, Canton, Cadoxton, the Abercynon and the Cynon Valley are all named after saints! And then, of course, there are buildings, hotels, shopping centres and streets named after local, Welsh Saints. Imagine having not just a street named after you but a whole town or village or even city! What would you have to do for that to happen? How famous and important, how well loved and influential would you have to be?!

We too can leave our mark
The saints did not seek fame or fortune for themselves: their aim was to do what God wanted them to do: they all lived in different ways and at different times but they were united in the fact that they lived as God wanted them to leave. They have left their mark (or rather, the mark of Christ) on the towns and villages and the whole people of Wales. They have left a great heritage for us. We too can leave our mark on others: or rather the mark of Christ, and help to change our communities and country:

By caring for those in need
By sharing the good news of Jesus with others
By helping to build trust between people
By being understanding, patient and loving

Then we will leave the mark of Christ on others. We may not have towns and villages named after us but we will be doing what the saints have done before us, so that the whole of Wales will sing God’s praises!

Loving Father,
we thank you for all the Saints of Wales:
men and women who have followed you in every age and every generation,
people who have influenced the communities and country
in which they lived
and have given us an example of how to follow Jesus.
Help us to be Saints of Wales:
people who live as you ant us to live.
Through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

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