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Remembrance Sunday

On Remembrance Day we stop to remember all those whose died during wars throughout history and in our own day.

1. Remembering

Play a memory game. For example, have 2 volunteers and play ‘I went to the shop and I bought...a bottle of coke. Each person then makes the list longer by repeating the items in order and adding their an additional item. How well did they do?

2. What and why should we remember?
Human beings have a memory – we can remember things, not just for the sake of being sentimental but in order to grow, learn lessons, develop, etc. Today is Remembrance Sunday—today we are called to remember. But to remember what? And why? We remember all those who have died as a result of war and conflict. Sometimes it seems as though human beings have a short memory and forget about the things that have happened. There are still wars and battles, there is still violence in the world, countries and nations still disagree and hurt each other. And there are many occasions when our own country goes to war and send troops to certain countries in order to
protect people
fight against tyranny
try to create a peaceful situation and rebuild communities

Today we stop and think and remember those people who have been killed or injured: those who have paid a great cost.

3. Lest we forget
Today we remember:
to learn the lessons of the past
to appreciate those who have died during war time
to pray for peace and reconciliation throughout the world.

We remember people who have been caught up in those conflicts. Those who have died or been injured as a result of war. It is sad to look back at things like this. But as well as looking back, remembering can help us look forward, to build a future of peace and love and understanding and harmony.

How does war affect people?
Who are the casualties of war?
Why do countries go to war?
What can we do to make peace in the world?

Father, we remember all those who have been affected by war and violence.
We remember all those who have given their lives to fight evil.
Help us to work together for peace in the world.
Help us to bring the peace of Christ to the world

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