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When Jesus ascended to heaven he didn’t leave us alone. Just because we can’t see him in the way that the apostles saw him, he still promises to be with us for ever and to send us the Holy Spirit to strengthen and inspire us.

Opening Activity: Where do we get our energy from?

Take a Lucozade bottle or a some other energy drink, and read out what it contains and what it promises to give in terms of energy. Some energy drinks claim to ‘give you wings.’ Where do we get our energy from? From eating a healthy balanced diet, by drinking plenty of water, by exercising, by sleeping and resting. Why do we get tired? (Working too hard, not having enough sleep, late nights and early mornings, burning the candle at both ends, worrying about things, and so on.)

Where did the Apostles get their energy from?
After everything that had happened (seeing Jesus arrested and killed and three days later raised from the dead) the Apostles would have been exhausted: it had been a roller-coaster of a ride! They may have been drained, animated, exhausted. What would happen next?! Could they take any more? They were following Jesus in faith but not everything was clear to them: they were still confused yet they trusted in Jesus. But things were just beginning: now they have to continue the work that Jesus had done amongst them. Where would they get their energy from? Before he ascended into heaven, Jesus told them to stay in Jerusalem—he instructed them not to go anywhere! Not to conserve their energy, but to wait for some. And it wouldn’t be energy that would be burned out or used up because they were told to wait for the Holy Spirit, the power from on high!

The Spirit of God is the power of God
The Holy Spirit is the presence of God in the world. The Holy Spirit:
empowers us
helps us
shows us Jesus
gives us the gifts we need to live as Jesus has shown us
comforts us
gives us energy/power from on high

In the Bible and in the life of the Church the Holy Spirit is symbolised in lots of different ways. On the day of Pentecost it felt to the apostles like flame and fire, like a rushing wind, powerful, awe inspiring, moving, full of energy and power. The same Spirit that the apostles received is the same Spirit that Jesus gives us.

It doesn’t mean, of course, that we won’t get tired or physically exhausted. The Holy Spirit isn’t like a bottle of energy drink! The Holy Spirit gives us the gifts we need to do what God has asked us to do. The Holy Spirit helps us to know Jesus. The Holy Spirit is God’s presence in our life, firing us up, warming our hearts, and spurring us on.

Have there been times when we have little or no enthusiasm for following Jesus?
Have there been times when we just can’t be bothered?
Have there been occasions when Jesus seems distant?

Come Holy Spirit,
fill the hearts of all your people,
and kindle in us the fire of your love.

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