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On a Journey!

Most people know about the whole concept of ‘giving up things for Lent’ - but what is it really all about? And what has Lent got to do with us anyway?!

Opening Activity: Packing for a journey

Provide a bag (such as a rucksack or holdall) and various miscellaneous items—too many to fit comfortably into the bag. Ask for a volunteer to pack it as well as they can. The likelihood is that they won’t be able to pack it or if they do it will be a tight squeeze! It may be like this when packing for don’t know what to take and what to leave behind! (Alternatively, perhaps you could take various holiday items and ask them which items they would take and which they would leave behind if the bag was too heavy when checking in at an airport)

Weighed down and distracted on our journey through life.
Sometimes, our lives are bit like that—so full of so many things that it’s a problem to squeeze it all in! We are setting off on our Lenten journey, a journey which takes us to the cross of Jesus and beyond. The danger is that we can be distracted by so many other things, we can carry so many things along with us, that even Jesus can be squeezed out. One reason that people give up things during Lent is in order to create more space in their lives, a space that enables them to grow closer to Jesus: not that Jesus is or should only be allowed a part of our lives, but it does provide room for us to focus on what’s really important.

The journey through Lent
The journey to the cross is a difficult one but it ends in new life and the glory of God as Jesus is raised from the dead. St Paul (in his second letter to the Corinthians) says we are like earthenware jars, fragile and sometimes easily broken, but we carry a great treasure within us, the treasure of Jesus. So Lent provides an opportunity to get rid of some of the less important things and focus on what’s really important: the treasure of knowing Jesus.

Father, the journey through life is sometimes hard going.
Help us to get rid of everything that weighs us down and trips us up,
everything that distracts us from what’s really important.
Give us strength through the difficulties of life,
and set our eyes on the joy of Easter.

What you may need:
Holdall or Rucksack

A number of different items too big to fit into it
Holiday items: book, sun lotion, sun glasses, swimming trunks, toiletry items, etc

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