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Christian Resources for Worship in Schools


Looking for something different or new for your School Assembly? Try out this collection of clever and creative, random and irregular ideas for you to run with in your own special way!

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Every Picture Tells a Story!

Images can be a stimulating addition to your assemblies and prayers - either in the form of videos (perhaps accompanied by music) or simply as an aid to your talk or homily. Also, try giving people one image rather than many changing images - it can concentrate the mind and allow you to explore what's happening in the picture... it invites you to go deeper!

You can get up to date, stimulating photographs from various news websites such as the 'In Pictures' section of the BBC website or, as you can see from the handy widget on the left, from Reuters News Agency. You can review the most recent phptographs by clicking on the pic - a new window will open! You can also download a reuters app for your iphone or ipad which is laid out really well for viewing (and e-mailing) pictures.

Do consider that some pictures may be subject to copyright or terms and conditions of use. However, as far as Reuters are concerned, their website states: 'Users may download and print extracts of content from this website for their own personal and non-commercial use only.'

An example of using a solitary image for a school assembly can be found below

The video above shows an example what you can do with a single image. The picture used is by Ismail Sameem
Kandahar, Afghanistan, Saturday February 12 (Reuters News Agency)

This resource and others like it can be found in the Picture Assembly section of this website.


Here's a neat idea...

Much is made of providing sacred space in schools – quiet corners for pupils to pray, think and reflect – and many schools have done this with great creativity.

But what about doing the same thing on your school website?! Providing a small corner of cyberspace to get visitors to stop and reflect? And most importantly you can easily involve pupils in the project...

Listen on!

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