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The week that changed the world

The events of Holy Week and Easter are the most important events in the story of our Salvation and such is the most important week of the year for Christians.

Opening Activity: Events that changed the world

Prepare some cards with important events in history. For example, 9/11 Wars, fall of Berlin Wall, the death of Diana, Norman Conquest, Release of Nelson Mandela, etc. Ask the young people to help you put them in order—first in chronological order and then in order of importance. You could ask for volunteers to hold each one and, with the suggestions from all the young people, move them around in order. Perhaps have one or two blank cards and a pen available so you can add any other suggestions.

Holy Week and Easter—when Jesus changed the world
Now show them a card with Holy Week and Easter written on it. How has that time in history—the death and resurrection of Jesus—changed the world? For Christians it is certainly the most important time in the history of the world. Some people of course may think that it never happened, or that it didn’t happen in the way Christians say it did! (You may want to briefly tell them what happened during that week)

How Christ’s death and resurrection changes us now
The events of Holy Week are not just history. This week, millions of people throughout the world will be celebrating and commemorating Holy Week. It’s not just a looking back or a piece of history, they are not even trying to act it out—although it is dramatic. The death and resurrection of Jesus really is real and is experienced by people now. St Paul said, ‘You have died and your life is hidden with Christ in God.’ (In a Church School you may want to explain that in baptism we die and rise again. In the Eucharist we unite ourselves with the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross.) Throughout our lives, we experience the death and resurrection of Jesus, through the ups and downs of life. Through his death and resurrection he has made it possible for us to be friends with God. He shows us how much God loves us. And that really does change us!

Invite the young people to think about what events in life have been important to them
How important is the death and resurrection of Jesus to them?
Does it mean anything to them?
What could it mean?

Lord Jesus,
as we remember the events of your death and resurrection,
help us to know the power of your love in our lives today.

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