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Christian Resources for Worship in Schools

Holy Eucharist

Holy Eucharisr

The Holy Eucharist is so important to Christians. Jesus commanded us to celebrate it in remembrance of him and in the life of the early church recorded in the Acts of the Apostles the Breaking of Bread characterised its life. It is the high point of the Christian life and the most important act of worship

Opening Activity: You are what you eat.

Show them various convenience foods or snacks, chocolate etc. (You can of course juts take the sleeves/packaging from the foods!) Ask them if anyone eats any of them? Do they enjoy them? Do they care what’s in them? Talk about what’s in them, in terms of calories, salt, fat, etc. What food is good for you? What food is bad for you? Why is it important to have a healthy, well balanced diet? There is a well known saying: ‘You are what you eat!’ This means that if we want to be fit and healthy then we should eat foods that are healthy. If all we eat is junk food then we are likely to become ill or certainly not as healthy as we should be. It is certainly true that ‘We are what we eat.’

Jesus gives us food
In being a Christian, too, we need a certain diet: food that is good for us. Not physical food but spiritual food. On the night before he died Jesus sat down with his disciples for a special meal. It was special because it was the Passover, a special Jewish meal, to celebrate the liberation of the Jewish People from Slavery. Jesus, however, gave it a new meaning for us. He took bread and wine, thanked God for them, blessed it, broke the bread and gave them to his disciples. ‘This is my Body,’ he said. ‘This is my blood.’ He told us to do this in remembrance of him. From that moment onwards, the special meal of Breaking Bread (also called the Holy Eucharist, Mass or Holy Communion) characterised the life of the Church

You are what you eat! You are the Body of Christ.
St Paul called the Church ‘The Body of Christ.’ In the Eucharist, then, we receive what we are, and we become what we receive. We are Christ’s body in the world. Jesus gave us the Eucharist so that we could experience his presence and become more like him. Perhaps we don’t always feel like celebrating the Eucharist, or going to Church for Mass. Perhaps we don’t always enjoy it, or appear to get much from it. Perhaps we have never been to a celebration of the Eucharist or haven’t been in a long time. But in whatever way it is celebrated, Jesus promises to be with us. In every Eucharist Jesus gives invites us to his table, and gives himself to us as food.

Do we eat a healthy diet?
What would consist of a spiritually healthy diet?
Do we ever get bored by the Eucharist?
Do we value the Eucharist as a gift from Jesus? A gift of himself?
In what way are we asked to be Christ’s Body in the world?

Lord Jesus,
Thank you for giving us the Eucharist,
to recall your death and resurrection,
to celebrate your presence with us always,
to nourish and sustain us,
to make us more like you,
and to help us be your body in the world. Amen.

What you may need:
Convenience foods and snacks (crisps, chocolates, cereal bars) etc.

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