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Guided by the Stars?!

The Feast of the Epiphany often gets forgotten, immersed as it often is into the Nativity Story, but it has some colourful images and something important to say in its own right. The Baptism of the Lord is also part of the Epiphany, revealing Jesus to the world.

Opening Activity

Take copy of a current magazine or a daily tabloid or teen magazine which contains horoscopes. Ask a few people their star sign and read them out, perhaps making humorous comments! Remember that this is most definitely not serious! When you have finished you must state that, although some people read their horoscopes either for a laugh or in seriousness, the idea is somewhat absurd and horoscopes are something that the church says we just shouldn’t do! (Although you are dismissing horoscopes in a humorous way it’s important to be aware that there will be people sitting in front of you who really do believe them.) There are lots of people who think their lives are moved and predicted by the stars. There are lots of people who live their lives according to the stars. Their lives are moved by the stars.

The Magi are moved by Jesus and guided by a Star!
The Magi could have been a number of different things—astrologers, magicians, sages, Zoroastrian priests. We know from the gospel story that a star led them to the place of Jesus. It must have been a long and difficult journey, but they knew that something special had happened, they knew that their journey would be worthwhile. They didn’t wait for things to happen. They had to go out of their way to find Jesus. They had to move on to discover Jesus.

Jesus is for everyone—our lives are moved by Jesus!
The name given to the feast that celebrates the arrival of the wise men is The Epiphany. Epiphany is a word that means ’manifestation.’ It is a significant event because it showed that Jesus is not just for one group of people or one nation but for the whole world: east and west, north and south, Jew and Gentile. The whole world is moved by Jesus, our lives are or can be moved by Jesus. Sometimes, though, we have to seek him out, or rather have our eyes opened to his presence in the world today. So, let’s pray that we may be led closer to Jesus and discover the one who moves the world, discover the one who comes to share God’s love with everyone, the one who comes to show us how to live.

Invite the young people to think about what direction their lives are going in.
Who inspires and influences them?
Do they feel their lives being led closer to Jesus?
Do they want to be led closer to Jesus?
Why would they want to be led closer to Jesus?

Father, our lives take so many different directions.
Help us to focus on Jesus,
so that we may be led closer to him.

What you may need:
A Tabloid newspaper or a magazine that contains horoscopes

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