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Alive and...well?

Easter is the most important time of the year for Christians, when we rejoice in the resurrection of Christ from the dead.

Opening Activity: Oh Mummy, life after death!

Provide some white toilet rolls and ask for volunteers to make up two teams. Against the clock they have to make an Egyptian Mummy by wrapping one of the members of their team! When they have completed ask the young people to nominate the best mummy, then allow each Mummy to break out!

Jesus and the Empty Tomb and life after death!
The Egyptians used to embalm their Pharaohs and other important people and surround them with all the possessions because they believed that they needed them for the after life. At Easter we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus from the dead. He was wrapped in a cloth and placed in a tomb. But three days later, when some of his followers went to anoint the body, they discovered that the tomb was open. Jesus was not there, all that was left was the white cloth folded up neatly. Some of them didn’t know what this meant. What it meant, of course, was that Jesus was alive, he had risen from the dead!

Eternal Life has already begun
The resurrection of Jesus from the dead is the most important event for Christians. Jesus’ love can not be overcome. God cannot and will not be overcome. Jesus came for us to live life to the full, he came to raise us up and give us life. This life has already begun. Today we celebrate God’s love that overcomes all things, even death! Jesus’ resurrection enables us to live with God forever: we have already begun eternal life with God.

How do we recognise signs of Jesus’ Risen Life in our world today?
How do we recognise signs of Jesus’ Risen Life in our own lives?
What does it mean to be a baptised Christian?
What does Jesus being alive mean to us?

Alleluia! Christ is risen.
Father, help us to know what this means in our lives:
that Jesus is always with us,
that he wants us to spend forever with him.
that his love overcomes everything.

What you may need:
Toilet Rolls

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