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The Christmas Rush

Christmas preparations are full of business and rushing around, much of which can draw us away from its true meaning. And yet, there was much rushing in the events surrounding the birth of Jesus. This assembly explores the first 'Christmas Rush!'

Opening Activity: Christmas is full of rushing around!

Provide some wrapping paper and two ‘gifts’ - either empty boxes, or something more awkward to wrap such as a football, etc. Ask for two volunteers and invite them to wrap the Christmas presents—against the clock! Whose is the best? Did it make it more difficult because they were rushing?

Christmas is full of rushing around. Rushing around to buy presents and food, decorate our homes, send cards, go to parties, prepare Christmas dinner, wrap the presents, etc. right up until the last moment. Christmas can be exhausting, because it’s full of rushing around!

The Christmas Story is full of rushing around
The Gospel stories of Christmas are full of rushing around, too. But it’s a different kind of rushing around. The shepherds, after being told by the angels what has happened go ‘in haste’ to see Jesus. Even before that Mary, as soon as she has been told by the angel Gabriel that she has chosen to be the mother of Jesus, goes ‘in haste’ to visit her cousin Elizabeth. Their rushing around is different from many other people’s rushing around because they are rushing towards Jesus, rushing to see and share the good news of what has happened.

Making sure our rushing around takes us closer to Jesus
At Christmas, when there is so much to do, perhaps it’s a good idea to stop and think: to think why we are rushing, and what we will get at the end of it. It’s a good idea to think about our celebrations and what they mean. May we rush towards Jesus, may we go ‘in haste’ to see what has happened, may our busyness and rushing around not get in the way of Jesus or blind us to what has happened, but take us towards Jesus, to the one who has come into the world. He is the reason for our Christmas celebrations.

Invite the pupils to think about the rushing around that they do, both throughout the year and at Christmas.
How much of it is really important?
How eager are they to get close to Jesus?
Do they think he is worth rushing towards?

God our Father,
as we celebrate Christmas
help us not to forget the reason for our celebrations.
May the excitement and busyness of this season bring us closer to Jesus, who has come into the world. Amen.

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Luke 1:39 41 Mary hurries to see Elizabeth
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