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Christingle has become most popular in recent decades, and can be used as an Advent or Christmas celebration, right up until Candlemas on 2nd February

Opening Activity: In the Bag!

Have a bag of ingredients (that will create a Christingle): orange, red ribbon, cocktail sticks, small dried fruits, candle and foil and, in the style of Ready Steady Cook, tell them that you are going to create a superb dish! And then make the Christingle before their eyes, against the clock. Alternatively, provide several volunteers with the ‘ingredients’ and ask them to make a Christingle—again, against the clock. If they don’t know what a Christingle is ask them to created something that represents God’s Love.

Explain the ‘dish’ and the symbolism of the Christingle
So, what’s this dish all about? The Christingle looks a rather strange creation but it helps to explain something really important. Who would have thought that God would empty himself and come to live among us as a human being, beginning as a baby in the womb of Mary, as a child in the manger, as a young boy growing up, as a young adult, as a man on the cross. The Christingle tells the story of God’s coming into the world through Jesus. The orange is the world. The cocktail sticks and fruits represent the goodness of good who has given us everything we need, the fruits of the earth, the four season. The candle represents Jesus, the Light of the World, and the red ribbon represents the blood of Jesus, and so the cross, and the cost of Jesus love for us.

Lost for words!
The Christingle reminds us how we can be lost for words sometimes. It helps to express the mystery of Christ’s birth in Bethlehem and what it may mean for us today. So, to the outsider, it looks quite a strange thing, but through it we can explain the story of Jesus. When you light the Christingle think about what it is trying to say: that God loves us so much that he have us Jesus: as a baby in the manger, as a man on the cross, as the Risen Lord.

What do we know about the Christmas Story?
How does the story of Christmas change our lives?
Are we ready and able to share the true message of Christmas with others?

God our Father,
as we prepare for (or, celebrate) Christmas
help us to know your love for us.
You loved the world so much that you gave us Jesus,
born in Bethlehem,
announced by the angels,
welcomed by shepherds.
Help us to walk in the light of Christ.

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