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The Presentation of the Lord (or Candlemas) is a lovely celebration, with tender themes of joy and love, surprise and sacrifice, intimacy and glory, and takes place on February 2, 40 days after Christmas

Opening Activity: What are your ambitions?

Ask for 5 or 6 volunteers. Provide each with a postcard and a pen. Ask them to write an ambition they have: something they want to be or do when they are older, but ask them not to show it to or share it with anyone. Collect the cards, shuffle them up, read them out one by one, and ask the rest of the young people to guess which ambition belongs to each person. Alternatively, deal the cards out to the volunteers and ask them to share their ambition, pretending that it is theirs, and the rest of the young people have to decide whether it is true or bluff. It’s good to have ambitions. Something to work towards and strive for, something to aim for and achieve, something to hope for!

Simeon had an ambition
Simeon was an old man who for years had an ambition. I’m sure through the years he had many things he wanted to achieve but only one thing was really important to him: to see the chosen one promised by God. God had promised him that this would happen before he died. And so he kept looking forward, kept hoping, for this to happen.

Make sure Jesus is in your plans and ambitions!
Whatever you want to do, whatever your ambition is in life, I hope that Jesus is in there somewhere. It may be, at this moment, that he doesn’t fit in with your may not have any plans, you may not know what to do. When you are making plans and dreaming of and working towards your ambitions do you ask God what he wants you to do? I hope that one day, within all your plans and ambitions, you will discover Jesus in there somewhere!

Invite the pupils to think about:
What ambitions do they have?
What dreams and ambitions do they have for the world?
What do they think the future holds for them?
Do they think they have anything to look forward to?
Where is Jesus in their plans for the future?

Father, as we prepare for the future
and hold onto so many plans, ambitions and dreams,
help us to discover Jesus, who gives us so much to look forward to.

What you may need:
Postcards or paper, and pens for 5 or 6 volunteers

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