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Belonging to God

Who or what do you belong to? Do you have a sense of belonging? In what sense do we belong to God? This assembly aims to looks at how we belong to God: after all he has made us. The question is though: how much does he want from us?

Opening Activity:

‘This remains the property of…’
Take a look at some items such as Credit Cards, Debit cards, Supermarket Loyalty cards. On each of them there will be a small declaration that ‘This card remains the property of...whatever company it is.’ They can take it away from us at any time. They are only on loan to us! If we break the agreement, then they will ask us (or tell us!) to return it to the bank or shop.

Jesus is asked a trick question
There is a story in the Bible when Jesus is asked a trick question: should they pay taxes to Caesar or not. They want to catch him out but Jesus’ reply is, ‘Give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar and give to God what belongs to God.’ Jesus’ response means, quite simply, that we belong to God. If we really want to honour God, if we really want to do what’s right then we should give God everything he has given to us, everything that ultimately belongs to him. The story gets to the heart of who we really are. Here we find our real identity, and it’s discovered by acknowledging that we belong to God, that he is our Father, and that we should give to God everything that belongs to him, and that means our very selves! Then, and only then, will we discover the wonderful possibilities of life with him.

We belong to God
Sometimes we forget that we (and everyone else) belong to God. We may not live our lives and treat others as though we belong to God. But we have been created by him. He has given us life and everything we need. (In Holy Baptism we allowed God to lay his claim to us. We are marked with the sign of the cross. It’s a small declaration that the whole of our lives belong to God). So, if we really want to reach our full potential and discover who we are we would do well to look to God. It’s to him that we belong!

Do we have a sense of belonging: to family, school, clubs, friends?
Do we have a sense of us ‘Belonging to God’
How could that change the way we live?
How does it change the way we live?
Is it easy to be at God’s beck and call?!
Do we really want to live for God?

Lord Jesus, there are so many things that we belong to.
Help us to remember that belonging to you
Is the most important thing.

What you may need:
You wallet with store cards, debit cards and credit cards.

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