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'I am with you always...'

When Jesus ascended to heaven he didn’t leave us alone. Just because we can’t see him in the way that the apostles saw him, he still promises to be with us for ever and to send us the Holy Spirit to strengthen and inspire us.

‘Remember I am with you always’

Opening Activity: Reminders of someone special
Take something that reminds you of someone: a wedding ring to remind you of your spouse, a photograph in your wallet of a friend or loved one, something you have at home that is dear to you that reminds you of someone, or perhaps something that reminds you of a significant event: a gift, a greeting card or some other memento. Explain to the young people why it is significant to you. We all need reminders. We need to remember people who are no longer with us or we like to have reminders of people that we are not always with (even if it is for just part of the day), reminders of important moments in our life. We so often need and rely on physical reminders.

Jesus promised to be with us always
The apostles could have been in the same position—when Jesus disappeared from their sight. But today we are not thinking about the absence of Jesus but about the presence of Jesus—His parting words are: ’Remember I am with you always even to the end of the world.’

Knowing Jesus’ presence in our lives now
Jesus may be out of sight but he is not out of mind. But more than that—he has given us physical reminders of his presence. He has given us lots of ways in which we know he is with us: friends, family, love, the church, other Christians—and also things like the sacraments, particularly the Eucharist. Whatever may happen that may make us think that God isn’t with us remember the words of Jesus, ‘I am with you always.’

Invite the pupils to think about:
Are there special people in their lives that they don’t always see?
How do they feel?
What remind them of those special people?
Are there times when they have felt far away from God?
Are there times when they have felt very close to God?
Have they, at times, forgotten about God?

Lord Jesus,
you promise to be with us always.
Help us to be alert to your presence in our lives. Amen.

What you may need:
A personal item (ring, photograph, etc) that reminds you of someone or something

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Matthew 28: 16– 20 ‘I will be with you always, to the end of time.’
Acts 1: 1-9

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