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All Souls Day

November is a full and colourful month with lots of feasts, occasions and celebrations: both religious and secular. All Souls (or The Commemoration of All the Faitfhul Departed) follows the feast of All Saints on November 2 helps young people to think about the meaning of life and death.

Scared to death!

Talk about things we are scared of. Spiders, insects, etc. What kind of things are young people scared of? Why are we scared of them? Some fears are logical. Some fears are illogical. Is there a difference between having a fear and a phobia? A phobia is usually illogical? For instance, to be afraid of spiders or birds is a phobia because, in general, they can’t or don’t hurt us.

We are often scared of death
Death is often something that people are scared of, yet Jesus has shown us that there is no need to be scared of death. Death is sometimes portrayed as scary or ghostlike, bloody or awful, yet Jesus has shown us that it is none of these things. Of course, it is sad that people whom we love die. It is sad when people die young or in tragic or painful circumstances. It is sad and distressing when people suffer. But Jesus has shown us that death is nothing to be scared of because through his death and resurrection he has promised that we will live with him forever.

All Souls Day is when the Church remembers those who have died.
We do that in the confidence of the resurrection. St Francis, in a great Canticle (Hymn of Praise) of Creation referred to death as ‘Sister Death.’ St Paul said, ‘Death where is your victory, death where is your sting?’ There is no need to be scared of dying and death. ‘Nothing can separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus our Lord.’ It’s ok to be sad...even Jesus cried at the grave of his friend Lazarus. Today we remember all who have died, knowing that Jesus calls us to live with him forever!

Have we experienced the death of someone close to us
Does the thought of death frighten us?
Are there any special people in our lives we want to remember (and pray for?)

Father, we remember all who have died,
and pray that they may enjoy the eternal life of heaven,
which you have promised to all who love you.

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