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Good News

Advent often gets squeezed out or overtaken by early Christmas celebrations but it’s an important time with strong themes of light and dark, of preparation and anticipation, of waiting and wondering. It should not be forgotten and offers great material for assemblies!


Opening Activity: The Daily News

Take the daily newspaper and browse through it in front of the pupils. Explain to them that, these days, the news (either on TV, Radio, Internet or in the newspapers) is so often filled with more bad news than good news. Tell them that you are going to tear out the items of bad news...and see how much of the newspaper is left to read! Read out the headlines of each item and ask if they think it is bad news or good news and respond appropriately! Bad news, it seems, makes better (or more popular) news than good news. Quite often the good news is tagged onto the end of ‘The News’ on TV as a humorous story to cheer us up, a shaggy dog story, in the midst of all the doom and gloom!

2. Mary is given good news
Tell the pupils about the story of the Annunciation (Luke 1:26-38) where Mary is given good news for her and the world by the angel Gabriel. Here, the good news comes into the world, into all the situations, not to help us forget about the bad things, but to change our perspective of those things and to transform them with the presence of Jesus. At the time of the angel’s visit, Mary may not have known exactly what this ‘good news’ would have meant but she accepted it and then—filled with that good news– she couldn’t wait to go and share it with her cousin Elizabeth.

3. The good news: Jesus is with us.
At Christmas, God becomes human, he comes to live among us. He is present in every human situation. He gives us hope, he is among us, he is close to us, even though at times we may not be able to feel his presence. This is the news that Mary received, this is the news she shared with her to her cousin Elizabeth, this is the news that Jesus proclaimed, this is the news that we proclaim. We are called to share this good news with others today. God is with us. That’s really good news!

Invite the young people to think about some of the news stories you have explored this morning, especially the ‘bad news.’
What does Jesus offer to the people in the stories?
How is the coming into the world ‘good news’ for us?
What can we do to share the good news of Jesus with others?

God our Father,
there are so many items of bad news in the world.
Help us to know the good news of Jesus,
who has come into our world,
to share in our lives,
to show us how to live,
and to lead us closer to you.

What you may need:
A copy of the daily newspaper

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